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Long time members from the past...

The Flamingo Net began in the 50's, largely due to the efforts of Bob Cheyney (W4MVR) and Betty Cheyney (W4SDI). I'm not certain if I have any photos of them, but will add it if anyone has one.

This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Any suggestions for additions will be appreciated!


Walt Kinney, W4GJ (Whiskey - 4 Gallon Jugs), was a broadcast radio personality and long-time NCS of the Flamingo Net (1960's-70's).

W4WYR, W4DTJ, WA4ATF and the rest of the family

Carl (W4DTJ) and Evelyn (W4WYR) Gauzens were charter members of the Flamingo Net. Evelyn also coordinated the Hamboree and the net members often gathered at their house to help sort the Hamboree flyers to be mailed out (Carl worked for the post office). Both were avid 10m Lost Transmitter (Fox) Hunters.


Dora (K4CYF) and her son Walt (W4DWN - Don't take Wooden Nickels) Dixon were long-time Flamingo Net Members. Walt was NCS for many years in the 1980's and 90's. He was an expert fox hunter and also enjoyed AMSAT work.


John ("Honest John") Morel, W4RWT, was chancellor of the exchecquer - Flamingo Net Treasurer - for many years in the 1960's and 70's.


Kurt Lenkway (WA4GGJ) was a long-time net member. He escaped by kayak from the NAZI's during WWII. He attended most fox hunts and won a few.

K4CZX (dark photo), K4CZY (in the light) with WA4GGJ in back, and Bill to the right

Hal Palmer (K4CZY) along with Carlin Bandy (K4CZW) and Paul deRier (K4CZX) were all Flamingo Net members for many years. Hal was a master builder of radio equipment - his philosophy was the equipment not only had to work well, but it also had to look good. When he participated in a fox hunt, the best you could hope for was second place.


Partial List of Silent Keys

Walt Dixon (W4DWN)

Dora Dixon (K4CYF)

Walt Kinney (W4GJ)

John Morel (W4RWT)

Carl Gauzens (W4DTJ)

Evelyn Gauzens (W4WYR)

Charlie Johnson (W4MNN)

Harold Palmer (K4CZY)

Paul deRier (K4CZX)

Kurt Lenkway (WA4GGJ)

Ed Wright (W4GFQ)

Ed Kane (K4MAS)

Bill Daley (KB4ZLL)

Bud Bell (KE4ZZM)

Mel Page (WA4NHT)

Hank Botien (KC4OLR)