Still More Event Photos
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These are some recent event photos...

The Flamingo Net holds Free Fleas, Dinners, Picnics and Fox Hunts. These are pictures of some recent ones.

Chip, CJ, Phil, Charles, Stu, Ray at 9-23-2018 Fox Hunt

Stu, Reesa, Charles, Phil, CJ, Chip and Ray at 11-11-2018 Fox Hunt

Ray, Phil, Charles, Chip, CJ and Stu at the 1-13-19 Fox Hunt

Ray and Phil receive the Fox Hunt Trophy fron Bill at the 1-13-19 Hunt

Fred, Phil, Chip, Charles and Ray at 4/21/19 Bunny Site

Why the 4/21/19 Fox Hunt was the Little Fuzzy Bunny Hunt

2019 Field Day WA4TEJ and KA4IQI rig and photo

Oct. 20, 2019 Hunt. Chip, Bill, Fred, Paul, Ray and Stu. In a tug of war, Bill cheerfully awards the trophy to Ray and Stu. CJ photo credits.

Flamingo Field Day 2020, Ray (KB4HAY) at the mike

Flamingo Field Day 2020, Larry (KA4IQI) at the mike.

Flea of May 13, 2023