More Event Photos
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Additional Flamingo Net Event Photos...

Field Day 2015. Larry (KA4IQI) watches as Bill (WA4TEJ) is about to be cooled down by Stu (KD4JSD) during frantic 10m contacts.

2015 Flamingo Net Hamboree Booth. Fox Hunters: Charles (KB4PFC) and Phil (KI4DYS).

Reesa, Stu and Larry at the 2015 Dinner (photo N4YQT)

Ray, Reesa and Stu at 2015 Dinner (photo N4YQT)

Steven, Scott and Bill at 2015 Dinner (photo N4YQT)

Bill, Fred and Ray at the 2015 Dinner (N4YQT photo)

Bill, Ray, Fred and Chip at May 2016 Dinner; CJ Photo

Ray, Phil and Bill at the March 2016 Hunt

Ray, Fred (WINNER!) and Bill at March 2016 Hunt

Stu, Fred, CJ and Chip at the start of the 12/18/16 Hunt (Bill took photo)

Ray, Fred, Stu, Phil, Bill, Chip and Conrad at award ceremony of 12/18/16 hunt (CJ took photo)

Flamingo 2m Fox Hunt December 17, 2017

Ray, Phil, Chip, Stu and CJ at Picnic after Dec. 2017 Hunt

The Fox, WA4TEJ, at the February 2018 Superboree Hunt

Ray, Phil, CJ, Chip and Stu at the Feb. 4, 2018 Superboree Fox Hunt

Chip and CJ receive the Hunt Trophy, February, 2018

April 29, 2018 Fox Hunt

Bill, Chip and Stu at Field Day 2018 (KA4IQI photo)

Bill and Chip at Field Day 2018 (Larry, KA4IQI photo)

Chip, CJ and Bill at Field Day 2018 (KD4JSD photo)