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What's New with The Flamingo Net?
On Saturday June 24, 2017 the Flamingo Net Field Day Event took place. Due to a weaker than average 2m signal, only KM4SJN & CJ were able to DF in to the Field Day location, the west pavilion of Enchanted
Forest Park, NE 135 St. just west of US-1. They got a trackable signal at 140th Street and I-95. Stu, KD4JSD, barely heard the signal and N4YQT may never have heard it (although he was heard at the Field Day
site). After Field Day started, there was no detectable 10m activity (other than from KA4IQI). Chip heard one 2m signal from Markham Park.

 The Flamingo Net held a 2m vehicular fox hunt on Sunday January 22, 2017. Stu, KD4JSD, was hidden in a small park just south of Ft. Lauderdale Airport - just south of Griffin Road. The hunt started at 11:25 and the first hunter arrived at 1:49 (Bill, WA4TEJ). The team of CJ and Chip arrived two minutes later and Phil and Ray arrived 15 minutes after that. Everyone was in the area, but couldn't home in on Stu. Since more than two hours were required to find the fox, Fred and Stu will hide the next one, later this Summer. Our hunts are open to everyone, so join in for the fun of it! Beginners might want to read the hunt information and stories of previous hunts on the "About" page. Also, see the Photo Page for old hunting photos. For hunting tips, see the "About..." page. The schematics for the 2m automated mini-fox transmitter and other useful hunting gadgets are on the "Schematic Gallery" page. Parts are available from Digi-Key for under fifteen dollars.

The UP4WUE dinner on May 13, 2017 was attended by WA4TEJ (Bill), KM4SJN (Chip) with CJ, WN2DTK (Scott), and N4YQT (Fred). Among the topics discussed was the idea suggested by WN2DTK that WA4TEJ should include a webpage in our website for rememberance of some of our earlier Flamingo Net members.  The next UP4WUE dinner will take place on Sunday evening, October29, 2017 gathering at the Hollywood Blvd. Piccadilly Cafeteria at 6 PM.

Hope to see you at our next free flea, in memory of Kurt Lenkway, WA4GGJ, which will take place on Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 7 AM to about noon. As usual, it will be in the Physics Parking Lot of the U. of M.. with talk-in on the 147.150 +.6 (PL 94.8) K4AG repeater. The address (for GPSers) is 5101 San Amaro Drive, Coral Gables. See incliment weather note below (See also driving info below).

A Picnic / BBQ will follow the Free Flea at noon, Saturday, November 18, 2017, in Brewer Park, about a mile west of the Free Flea site. In the event of bad weather, announcements will be made on the 147.150 repeater. (see driving information below).  

Inclement Weather for Outdoor Events: In the event of bad weather on the day of a Fox Hunt, Free Flea or Picnic/BBQ the event may still take place. The determination will be made by the Fox (for a Fox Hunt) or the Activities Director (presently WA4TEJ) for all other events. The guidelines typically are that if a rain is expected to be of duration less than 15 minutes, the event will take place, but forecasts of heavy weather for longer duration may lead to postponement or cancellation. If changes are to be made, they will be announced on the frequencies being used for the activity (Free Flea Talk-In; Fox Hunt transmitting frequency and any back-up repeater frequency). If there is enough prior warning (usually there isn't) the change will also be posted on this website.

Location / Driving information on our various events:

Fox Hunts:

Most of our Fox Hunts start at Highland Oaks Park, south parking lot. This park is north of Ives Dairy Road (NE 203rd St. Miami-Dade), just east of I-95 and just west of US-1. Exit I-95 at the Ives Dairy Road exit and proceed about 3 blocks east to NE 25 Ave., the entrance to the south parking lot. From US-1, turn west on 203/5 St. and proceed just over a block to NE 25 Ave., the entrance to the south parking lot. For GPS, the starting point is at 20300 NE 24th Ave., Miami.

Free Fleas:

These take place in the Physics parking lot of the University of Miami Coral Gables, Fla. To get there from the Palmetto Expressway (826), proceed to the Miller Road (SW 56 St.) exit, then go east on Miller until it reaches the circle at the UM (a few miles). Go 3/4 of the way around the circle, coming out at San Amaro Dr.. Go 5 short blocks and you will be at the entrance to the parking lot, 5101 San Amaro Dr..

If you come on US-1, proceed to the intersection with Red Road (SW 57th Ave.) and turn north on Red. After several blocks, you will come to the light at Miller Road (SW 56 St.). Turn east on Miller and follow it for a few blocks to the circle at the campus. Proceed north for 5 blocks as above. Talk-in on the K4AG repeater, 147.150 (+.6) which is PL'ed at 94.8 .

Biannual Picnic:

Generally at Brewer Park, a few blocks from the Free Flea site. Go west on Miller from the Free Flea site. At SW 62 Ave., make a left for one short block. Make a right again westbound on SW 57 St. to enter the park.

Annual Dinner:

This takes place at the Piccadilly Cafeteria located at 4500 Hollywood Blvd. in south Broward county . Exit I-95 at Hollywood Blvd. heading west. It is about 1.5 miles west of the interstate.


Active Members

K4DLX John Flood
WN2DTK Scott Ellinport
KI4DYS Phil Bartick
VE7EIS Alex Wood
KE4ESV Larry McDermott
W3FHT Dave Kingston
KB4HAY Ray Preeschl
N4HOP Jay Glen
KA4IQI Larry Greenspan

KI4IQZ Marty Falk
KD4JSD Stu Kalishman
KA4KFV Valentine Mecca
K4MAS Edward Kane
WJ4N Orlando Rojas
KC4OLR Hank Botein
K4ONY Ted Schempp
WB4OQN / KM4SJN Chip Veres
KC4PMP Rose Daley

NJ4S Frank Sullivan

KC4SHS Jorge Bombino
WA4TEJ Bill Moore
KE4UEH Jim Murphy
K4WRW Bill Whitaker
W4WYR Evelyn Gauzens
N4YES Danny Shattuck
N4YQT Fred Adler
KF4YW Tony
WB4ZJS John Brott
KB4ZLL Bill Daley
SWL Frank McGuinness
SWL Steve Ellinport

SWL J.F. Millman
SWL Ken Simon